Issue 1


Khantuleva T.A. Fundamental problems in modern   hydrodynamics. More details>>

Levin I.M. Promising lines of studying the ocean by optical remote sensing metods. More details>>

Semyonov E.V. Developments of the hydrodynamic oceanic   modeling. More details>>

Tsarev V.A., Sharatunova M.V. Peculiarities of the generation of deep and   bottom waters in the area of coastal flaw polynyas. More details>>

Kaverinskiy A.Yu., Karlinskiy   S.L. Verification   of the computer simulation method based on the analysis of submarine test   vertical maneuvering. More details>>

Tkachenko I.V., Guryev Yu.V. Modelling of stratified fluid flows around   bodies of revolution on the basis of the vortex added-mass (LCS) method. More details>>

Lobachev M.P., Poustoshny А.V., Sazonov К.Е., Tchicherin I.А.Numerical simulation of propeller   wake interactions with the bottom soil. More details>>