2015, volume 8, issue 1

This thematic issue presents the results of ocean optics researches. The ‎main features of seasonal and inter-annual variations of bio-optical ‎characteristics in the surface layer of the Barents, White, Black and Caspian ‎Seas calculated from data of satellite scanners are discussed. The experimental ‎results of spatial distribution of dissolved organic matter and chlorophyll-a ‎fluorescence intensity in the Western Black Sea are given. A method of ‎improving the underwater optical communication quality based on amplitude-‎modulated laser beam is suggested. Luminescent methods of investigation of ‎uranium (VI) complexes in natural waters are theoretically studied. New ‎approaches for estimation of photosynthetic efficiency and primary ‎productivity in water are examined. The new results in problem of underwater ‎objects imaging correction through a rough water surface are presented. The ‎experimental data for correction of satellite sensing results are shown. The ‎issue also includes some papers on the problems of applied hydroacoustics ‎and hydrodynamics of marine objects.‎
For scientists, engineers, students, post-graduate students and ‎universities specializing in ocean optics.‎


2015, volume 8, issue 2

This issue includes papers showing modern ways in numerical modeling of hydrophysical field ‎dynamics; the hydrooptics, hydroacoustics and bioacoustics matters are discussed; the reviews ‎of microbiotesting of aquatic environments toxicity are presented as well. The results of ‎modeling of thermohaline structure in the Gulf of Finland obtained using the three-dimensional ‎eddy-resolving hydrodynamic model based on the model complex NEMO are given. The ‎boundary-value problem for equations of two-layer fluid (water-landslide material) for ‎calculation of coastal wave dynamics generated by a landslide in random three-dimensional field ‎is considered. The review of underwater imaging problem is presented. The calculation of ‎interferential structure of the low-frequency hydroacoustic fields in shallow sea is discussed. ‎The problem of detection with adaptive algorithms in passive sonar is considered. The possibility ‎of estimation of distance to noise signal source by two-frequency method with the use of band-‎pass filters is analyzed. The method of hydrobionts acoustic emission signals detection is ‎described. The review of modern foreign and native microbiotests for control of harmful factors ‎influence on the hydrosphere is given; the problems that arise at ecotoxicological control of ‎natural waters are shown. ‎


2015, volume 8, issue 3

This thematic issue is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the famous Russian hydrophysicist Efim ‎Pelinovsky. The issue contains results of the studies that reflect the current state of ‎hydrophysics in the field of in situ and laboratory measurements, analytical and numerical ‎modeling of surface and internal waves. A review of studies on the transformation of surface ‎and internal waves over the bottom step is presented. A revision of an asymptotic derivation of ‎the rotation-modified Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation taking into account the background ‎shear flow as well as the background stratification is given. Results of numerical calculations of ‎internal gravity waves fields in a stratified fluid layer of variable depth by exact and asymptotic ‎formulae are presented. Results of analytical and numerical solutions as well as laboratory ‎experiments describing the evolution of solitary waves over an uneven bottom are considered. ‎Dynamics and energetics of a frontal collision of internal solitary waves of high amplitude ‎propagating in a two-layer stratified fluid are studied. Distinctive features of a particle transport ‎during the propagation of long nonlinear localized wave packets (breathers) are investigated in ‎three modes: a linear mode, a weakly nonlinear approximation and a weakly nonlinear weakly ‎dispersive approximation. The evolution of internal waves field in the Pechora Sea is observed ‎by means of the model based on the Gardner equation, the bore record is used as initial ‎condition. A stationary circulation and semidiurnal surface and internal tides in the region of the ‎Kara Gates Strait are reproduced within the framework of a three-dimensional finite-element ‎hydrostatic model. A comparison of moored measurements of currents and temperature in the ‎Gibraltar and Bab-el-Mandeb Straits is given, vertical displacements in both straits are caused by ‎semidiurnal internal waves. ‎


2015, volume 8, issue 4

‎Special issue
The round-table discussion «Fundamental Science to The Navy» within the ‎Seventh International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2015)‎

The issue presents topics of the round-table discussion «Fundamental ‎Science to the Navy» within the Seventh International Maritime Defence ‎Show (IMDS−2015). The main subjects of the discussion were the problems ‎of marine situations surveillance for marine objects detection by space, ‎aviation and ship’s systems for monitoring of the World Ocean. The matters ‎of countermeasures and security for underwater sensor network systems ‎were analyzed. The researches devoted to the theoretical and experimental ‎problems of dynamics of hydrophysical fields were discussed, including a ‎problem of high-speed motion of supercavitating bodies in water. The issue ‎also contains scientific papers devoted to the various aspects of ‎hydrophysics. The results of experimental study of interaction of ‎background internal waves and processes caused by the movement of the ‎sphere in stratified fluids are presented. The modern approach to the ‎calculation of wave climate (mode disturbances) is shown. The task of ‎minimization of number of spectral channels of modern hyperspectral ‎optoelectronic systems for remote sensing of the ocean is discussed. The ‎estimation of biooptical characteristics in the Black Sea is given, the results ‎of modeling of biogeochemical processes in the Gulf of Finland are ‎considered.‎