2015, volume 8, issue 1


Kopelevich O. V., Sheberstov S. V., Saling I. V., Vazyulya S. V., Burenkov V. I. Seasonal and Inter-Annual Changeability of Bio-Optical Characteristics in the Surface Layer of the Barents, White, Black and Caspian Seas from Satellite Data. More details>>
Goldin Yu. A., Shatravin A. V., Levchenko V. A., Ventscut Yu. I., Gureev B. A., Kopelevich O. V. Spatial Variability of Seawater Fluorescence Intensity in the Western Black Sea. More details>>
Katsev I., Zege E., Prokhach A., Cochenour B., Mullen L. Demodulation of Amplitude-Modulated Beam Propagating through Seawaters. More details>>
Budylin G. S., Shirshin E. A., Petrov V. G., Kalmykov S. N., Fadeev V. V. Luminescent Spectroscopy of Uranium(VI) Complexes in Natural Waters. More details>>
Kuzminov F. I., Shirshin E. A., Gorbunov M. Yu., Fadeev V. V. New Optical Approaches in Studying Photophysiological Parameters of Cyanobacteria in situ. More details>>
Turlaev D. G. Retrieval of the Vector of Water Surface Slopes by Use of It’s Image under Quasi-Nadir Observation. More details>>
Kalinskaya D. V., Suslin V. V. Simple Method of Determination of Ground-Based Aerosol Sources Using Back Trajectory Analysis Results. More details>>
Belov A. I., Kuznetsov G. N. Methods and Results of Acoustic Calibration of Shallow Sea Local Zones. More details>>
Konson A. D., Volkova A. A. Potentialities of Distance Estimation by Method of «Optimal Frequencies» in Passive Sonar Localization. More details>>
Sykhorukov A. L. Bending-Torsion Flutter as a Reason of Hydrodynamic Instability of Mast Hoisting Gears. More details>>