2015, volume 8, issue 2


Vankevich R. E., Sofina E. V., Ryabchenko V. A. Modelling the Spring-Summer Evolution of the Thermohaline Structure in the Gulf of Finland on the Basis of a Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of High Resolution. More details>>
Voltzinger N. E., Androsov A. A. Modelling of Coastal Dynamics Generated by Landslide. More details>>
Dolin L. S., Levin I. M. Theory of Underwater Imaging. More details>>
Кuznetsov G. N., Stepanov А. N. Infrasonic Interference Field of the Directed Sources in Shallow Sea. More details>>
Sidelnikov G. B., Malyshkin G. S. Asymptotic Approximation of the First Two Statistical Moments of Some Projection Type Algorithm. More details>>
Konson A. D., Volkova A. A., Nikulin M. N. Estimation of Distance to Noise Signal Source by Two-Frequency Method with the Use of Band-Pass Filters. More details>>
Rogozhnikov A. V. Detection of Underwater Bioacoustic Transients. More details>>
Zemlyak V. L., Pogorelova A. V., Kozin V. M., Baurin N. O. Study of Influence of the Submarine Vessel’s form on the Effectiveness of the Ice Cover Failure by Flexural-Gravity Waves. More details>>
Zakharov I. S., Aleshin I. V. Methods and Means for Microscale Biotesting Toxicity of Aquatic Environments. More details>>
The Science Program of the Century: PEEX (press release)