2016, volume 9, issue 2


Korolev Yu. P. The Reciprocity Principle for the Shallow Water Waves, Taking into Account the Earth’s Rotation. More details>>
Kuzmina N. P. About One Hypothesis of Generation of Large-Scale Intrusions in the Arctic Ocean. More details>>
Kovtun I. I., Protsenko E. A., Sukhinov A. I., Chistyakov A. E. Calculating The Impact on Aquatic Resources Dredging in the White Sea. More details>>
Serebryany A. N. Effect of Large-Amplitude Internal Waves on Towed Hydrodynamical Depressor. More details>>
Malyshev O. V., Eyduk V. I., Kudryavtsev D. N. Prediction of Hydrodynamic Pressure Bottom Noise With Moderate Waves in Coastal Waters. More details>>
Sukhorukov A. L., Titov M. A., Chernyshev I. A. The Use of Numeric Methods of Viscous Fluid Dynamics for Determination of Coefficients of Rotary Derivatives of Hydrodynamic Forces and Moments. More details>>
Ogorodnikov I. A., Borodulin V. Yu. Microscopic Model of the Dynamics of a Heterogeneous Medium. Interaction of Acoustic Waves With Bubble Layers. More details>>
Malyshkin G. S., Kuznetsova A. S. Detection of Weak Sonar Signals in Harsh Noise Conditions Using Modified Classical Adaptive Algorithms. More details>>
Grinenkov A. V., Mashoshin A. I., Shafranyuk Y. V. The Accuracy of Passive Ranging Using Physical Methods. More details>>
Kopytenko Yu. A., Petrova A. A. The Development and Use of a Component Model of the Earth’s Magnetic Field for Magnetic Cartography and Geophysics. More details>>