Issue‎ 2(4)


Komarov V.A.,   Korobkin A.A., Sturova I.V., Fedotova Z.I., Chubarov L.B. Interaction of Solitary Wave with   a Floating Elastic Plate. More details>>

Dobrokhotov S.Yu.,   Volkov B.I., Sekerzh-Zenkovich S.Ya., Tirozzi B. Asymptotic Description for Tsunami Waves in   Framework of the Piston Model: General Construction and Explicit Solvable Cases. More details>>

Talipova   T.G., Pelinovsky E.N. On the Simulation of “Lavrenov’s   Wave” on the Shallow    Sea Surface. More details>>

Voropaeva O.F.,   Moshkin N.P., Chernykh G.G. Numerical Modeling of Internal Waves Generated by Turbulent Wakes   Behind Self-Propelled and Towed Bodies in a Stable Stratified Fluid. More details>>

Dotsenko S.F.,   Miklashevskaya N.A.   Generation of Seiches in a Non-Homogeneous Fluid by a Moving Front of   Atmospheric Pressure. More details>>

Fedotova Z.I., Chubarov L.B., Khakimzyanov G.S. Nonlinear Dispersive Models of the Wave Hydrodynamics in the Problems   on Tsunami Generation by the Landslide. More details>>

Arkhipov D.G.,   Safarova N.S., Khabakhpashev G.A. Simulation of Nonlinear Spatial Internal   Waves in Seas and Oceans with Density Jump and Gently Sloping Bottom. More details>>