2017, volume 10, issue 3


Klyachko M. A. On the Norms of Designing Buildings and Structures in Tsunami-Prone Areas. More details>>
Gusiakov V. K. Methods and Problems of Tsunami Hazard Assessment of Marine Coasts. More details>>
Kaistrenko V. M. Quantitative Estimates of the Tsunami Hazard and Maps of the Tsunami Zoning. More details>>
Ivanova A. A., Kulikov E. A., Fain I. V On Modelling 2006, 2007 Simushir Tsunamis in the Central Kuril Region. More details>>
Guler H., Cinar G., Sharghivand N., Sozdinler C., Dogan G., Necmioglu O., Zaytsev A., Yalciner A. Tsunami Action on Coasts and Constructions (in English). More details>>
Zaytsev A. I., Kurkin A. A., Pelinovsky E. N., Yalciner A., Kian R. Investigation of the Influence of the L-Shape of the Bay on Sedimentation of Bottom Sediments under the Impact of Waves. More details>>
Kantardgi I. G., Akulinin A. N. Physical Modeling of Tsunami Waves Impact on Shore Structures. More details>>
Rutman Yu. L., Filkov V. Yu. Determination of the Dynamic Coefficient Under the Tsunami Bore Impact on the Protective Structure of Gravitational Type. More details>>