2018, volume 11, issue 1

The issue presents researches of the ocean dynamics on the basis of physical and mathematical ‎model approaches and extensive material of in situ observations, application-oriented tasks of ‎hydroacoustics are considered, georisks at construction of sea pipelines are discussed. A review ‎of oceanologic models of not hydrostatic dynamics for the last several decades is provided. The ‎modulation phenomenon of short infragravity waves by the tides on the shelf of Sakhalin Island ‎is analyzed. The effect of subinertial sea level atmospheric pressure fluctuations on the inflow ‎intensity of the surface Atlantic waters through the Strait of Gibraltar and its impacts on the ‎dynamics of the Alboran Sea is studied. The eigenvalue spectra for a model problem describing ‎formation of the large-scale intrusions in the Arctic basin is considered. The Mapping of the ‎Baltic Sea by the types of density stratification in the context of dynamics of internal gravity ‎waves is discussed. The flooding mechanism in the Kuban River Delta, caused by the rise of the ‎level of the Sea of Azov due to atmospheric impact, is investigated with the use of numerical ‎modeling. the effect of vertical heterogeneity of acoustic properties of sea ice on phase of ‎reflection coefficient of acoustic low-frequency harmonic plane wave at its normal incidence on ‎sea water-ice interface is investigated by a method of model experiment with application to the ‎task of remote measurement of the Arctic Sea ice cover thickness from under water. The verbal ‎behavior of beluga whale Delphinapterus leucas acoustically stimulated by noise-like signal ‎during demonstration of video images is studied. A methodical approach to risk assessment in ‎the construction and subsequent operation of the offshore part of pipelines associated with the ‎manifestation of natural and other factors is suggested.‎