2018, volume 11, issue 1


Voltzinger N. E., Androsov A. A., Klevannyy K. A., Safrai A. S. Oceanological Models of Non Hydrostatic Dynamics. A Review. More details>>
Kovalev P. D., Kovalev D. P. Modulation of Short Infragravity Waves by Tide. More details>>
Dastis C., Izquierdo A., Bruno M., Reyes E., Sofina E. V., Plink N. L. Influence of the Atmospheric Pressure Fluctuations over the Mediterranean Sea on the Mesoscale Water Dynamics of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea. More details>>
Zhurbas N. V. On the Eigenvalue Spectra for a Model Problem Describing Formation of the Large-Scale Intrusions in the Arctic Basin (in English). More details>>
Rouvinskaya E. A., Tyugin D. Y., Kurkina O. E., Kurkin A. A. Mapping of the Baltic Sea by the Types of Density Stratification in the Context of Dynamics of Internal Gravity Waves. More details>>
Fomin V. V., Lemeshko Е. М., Lazorenko D. I. Modeling of Marine Inundations
in the Kuban River Delta. More details>>
Bogorodskiy A. V., Malyarov K. V. On the Use of Reflection Coefficient Phase at Hydroacoustic Measurements of Sea Ice Cover Thickness. More details>>
Ivanov M. P., Rodionov A. A., Tolmachev Y. A., Leonova L. E., Romanovskaya E. V., Stefanov V. E. Laboratory Studies on Verbal Communication of Toothed Whales. More details>>
Kovchin I. S., Stepanuk A. I. Note on the Estimation of the Influence of the Unfavorable Natural Factors on the Marine Pipelines Construction. More details>>