2018, volume 11, issue 2


Ryabchenko V. , Soomere T. , Myrberg K. The Gulf of Finland as marine science highway More details>>
Pelinovsky E. N., Talipova T. G., Soomere T., Kurkina O. E., Kurkin A. A., Tyugin D. Yu. Modelling of Internal Waves in the Baltic Sea (in English) More details>>
Väli G., Zhurbas V. M., Laanemets J., Lips U. Clustering of Floating Particles Due to Submesoscale Dynamics: a Simulation Study for the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea (in English) More details>>
Ryabchenko V. A., Leontyev I. O., Ryabchuk D. V., Sergeev A. Yu., Dvornikov A. Yu., Martyanov S. D., Zhamoida V. A. Mitigation Measures of Coastal Erosion on the Kotlin Island’s Shores in the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea (in English) More details>>
Balushkina E. V., Golubkov S. M. Water Quality and Biodiversity of Benthic Animals in the Neva Estuary Under Anthropogenic Stress (in English) More details>>
Stoicescu S.-T., Lips U., Lips I. Assessing the Eutrophication Status of Estonian Marine Waters (in English) More details>>
Kuznetsova T. V., Kholodkevich S. V., Kurakin A. S. Experience on Ecological Status Assessment Based on Adaptive Potential Diagnostics in Selected Invertebrates of the Baltic Sea Sub-Regions (in English) More details>>
Korchemkina E. N., Mankovskaya E. V. Estimation of Suspended Matter and Dissolved Organic Matter Content in Surface Waters of Black Sea from Optical Measurements in Research Cruises in 2016 More details>>
Morozov E. G., Frey D. I., Campos E. Flow of Antarctic Bottom Water in the Vema Channel. A Review (in English) More details>>
Kagan B. A., Sofina E. V. High-Resolving Modeling of the Surface Resulting Circulation in the Kara Sea Its Barotropic and Baroclinic Constituents and the Role of Tides in Their Formation More details>>
Martyanov S. D., Dvornikov A. Yu., Ryabchenko V. A., Sein D. V., Gordeeva S. M. Investigation of the Relationship Between Primary Production and Sea Ice in the Arctic Seas: Assessments Based on a Small-Component Model of Marine Ecosystem (in English) More details>>