2018, volume 11, issue 3


Kopelevich O. Ocean Optics – Fundamental Studies and Applied Designs
Fundamental Problems of the Theory of Radiative Transfer, Propagation of Radiation in Water and Underwater Vision
Luchinin A. G., Dolin L. S., Kirillin M. Yu. On Diagnostics of Optical Water Inhomogeneities by Lidar at Photon-Density Waves More details>>
Inherent Hydrooptical Characteristics; Optics of the Polar Seas; Variability of Hydrooptical Characteristics Depending on Hydrophysical Processes
Zege E., Malinka A., Katsev I., Prikhach A., Istomina L., Heygster G., Spreen G. Reflective Properties of Summer Arctic Sea Ice in Visible and Near Infrared (in English) More details>>
Molkov A. A., Kapustin I. A., Shchegolkov Yu. B., Vodeneeva E. L., Kalashnikov I. N. On Correlation between Inherent Optical Properties at 650 nm, Secchi Depth and Blue-green Algal Abundance for the Gorky Reservoir (in English) More details>>
Glukhovets D. I., Goldin Yu. A. Research of the Relationship between Salinity and Yellow Substance Fluorescence in the Kara Sea More details>>
Lee M. E., Latushkin A. A., Martynov O. V. Long-term Transparency Variability of the Black Sea Surface Waters More details>>
Remote Sensing, Including Satellite Color Sensors and Lidars
Dolina I. S., Dolin L. S. Algorithms of Determination Spectral-energy Characteristics of the Internal Wave’s Random Field by Lidar Returned Signals More details>>
Karalli P. G., Kopelevich O. V., Sahling I. V., Sheberstov S. V., Pautova L. A., Silkin V. A. Validation of Remote Sensing Estimates of Coccolitophore Bloom Parameters in the Barents Sea from Field Measurements More details>>
Suslin V. V., Churilova T. Ya., Lee M., Moncheva S., Finenko Z. Z. Comparison of the Black Sea Chlorophyll-a Algorithms for SeaWiFS and MODIS Instruments More details>>
Shul’ga T. Ya., Suslin V. V. Investigation of the Evolution of the Suspended Solids in the Sea of Azov Based on the Assimilation of Satellite Data in a Hydrodynamic Model More details>>
Optics of the Sea Surface and the Sea Atmosphere;
Instruments for Measuring Optical Characteristics
Gardashov R. H. About the Method of Specular Points (in English) More details>>
Turlaev D. G. Determining the Vector of Slopes of the Water Surface from its Image Under Natural Illumination More details>>
Goncharenko I. V., Rostovtseva V. V., Konovalov B. V. Using of New Shipborne Complex for Passive Optical Remote Sensing for Obtaining Distribution of Natural Admixtures in Coastal Waters More details>>