2018, volume 11, issue 4


Tkachenko I. V., Rodionov A. A., Safray A. S., Gordeeva S. M. Effects of Non-Stationarity of the Flow Around Uniformly Moving Submerged Body More details>>
Boukhanovsky A. V., Lopatoukhin L. I. Wind Wave Spectra Peakedness and its Statistics Based on Hindcasting (in English) More details>>
Balakin R. A., Vilkov G. I. Research of Acoustic Noises and Characteristics of Multipath Effect in Shallow Arctic Seas to Optimize Parameters of Hydroacoustic Communication Equipment More details>>
Malinin V. N., Gordeeva S. M., Naumov L. M., Ershova A. A., Averkiev A. S. To The Evaluation of Trends in the Components of Ocean-Atmosphere Moisture Exchange (in English) More details>>
Kopytenko Yu. A., Petrova A. A. Components of Marine Linear Magnetic Anomalies of the World Ocean. Part I. North Atlantic More details>>
Bondur V. G., Ivanov V. A., Dulov V. A., Goryachkin Yu. N., Zamshin V. V., Kondratiev S. I., Lee M. E., Mukhanov V. S., Sovga E. E., Chukharev A. M. Structure and Origin of the Underwater Plume Near Sevastopol More details>>
Kondratyev S. A., Shmakova M. V. A Deterministic-Stochastic Modeling of Mass Transfer in the Catchment-Reservoir System More details>>
Zimin A. V., Svergun E. I. Short-Period Internal Waves in the Shelf Areas of the White, Barents and Okhotsk Seas: Estimation of the Extreme Heights Occurrence and Dynamic Effects in the Bottom Layer More details>>
Kozelkov A. S., Efremov V. R., Dmitriev S. M., Kurkin A. A., Pelinovsky E. N., Tarasova N. V., Strelets D. Yu. Study of the Features of Rising of Air Bubbles and Solid Spheres More details>>
Shevchenko G. V., Kirillov K. V. Infragravity waves recording in the area of Izmenchivoe Lake (South-Eastern Sakhalin) More details>>
Vladimirova O. M., Eremina T. R., Isaev A. V., Ryabchenko V. A., Savchuk O. P. Modelling Dissolved Organic Nutrients in the Gulf of Finland (in English) More details>>
Golmshtok A. Ya. The Thermobaric Regime of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments at the Sea Bottom when a Long Heat Source within them is Switched on More details>>