2013, volume 6, issue 1

This issue’s articles are devoted to the simulation results of surface М2 tidal currents near the ‎archipelagos of Franz Josef Land and Svalbard as the elements of the Barents Sea dynamics; data ‎of numerical experiment regarding flow around an underwater obstacles and interaction of surface ‎and internal waves on the basis of non-hydrostatic model; hypothesis of existence of the standing-‎translational gradient-vortex Rossby waves, their assessment based on satellite altimetry; analysis of ‎statistical data on enthalpy changes of the ocean during the 1955-2009; the mean sea level ‎variability and some hydrometeorological characteristics of the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland ‎from 1958 to 2009; the results of in-situ measurements and spectral analysis of ebb under ‎conditions of extreme wind, wind waves and swell during passage of a cyclone over the northern ‎part of Sakhalin Island; two new variants of the hydro statistical density recalculation method to ‎solve problem of increasing the accuracy of seawater density measurements based on signal ‎processing of three or four tightly bound pressure sensors; features of adaptive receiving of plane-‎wave broadband signals taking into account technical- and physical-related factors.

2013, volume 6, issue 2

This thematic issue focuses on theoretical and experimental studies on problem of internal waves in ‎the ocean. Articles are devoted to data of observation of internal tides in the northwestern part of ‎the Pacific Ocean, as well as the results of study of the internal waves transformation of the Black ‎Sea and the Sea of Japan taking into account conversion of wave energy into turbulent energy and ‎data numerical modeling of the observations of nonlinear internal waves on the Malin Shelf (North ‎Atlantic); the results of laboratory experiments on transformation of nonlinear internal waves of ‎the first and second modes over a slope; experimental confirmation of existence of the asymmetric ‎soliton waves propagating along the boundary between homogeneous layers of different densities; ‎the results of theoretical analysis of asymptotic field of internal wave in the far-field area, ‎interaction of solitons of internal waves, new class of the Boussinesq equations for moderate ‎amplitude internal waves, examples of solution inverse problems regarding restoration of the fine ‎structure of density field based on data related to nonlinear internal waves.‎


2013, volume 6, issue 3

This thematic issue focuses on theoretical and experimental studies of internal waves in the ocean. ‎Atricles are devoted to theoretical models of nonlinear internal waves, including a description of ‎the interaction of large-amplitude solitons, as well as analysis of mechanisms of the internal waves ‎generation on an underwater slopes and as a result of the barotropic-baroclinic interactions; the ‎results of in-situ observations of internal waves in the White and Black Seas; models of nonlinear ‎surface waves and spectra of capillary turbulence required for analysis of radar images of internal ‎waves.‎


2013, volume 6, issue 4

This thematic issue focuses on aquatic ecosystems problems. Atricles are devoted to the ‎reproduction of marine ecosystem functioning and the larval distribution of commercial fish ‎species in the Canary upwelling; storm surge modeling and turbidity modeling; transport of bottom ‎sediments in the Neva Bay; problems of adaptation and testing of an effective data assimilation ‎scheme of temperature and salinity of water in anoperational system of short-term forecasting of ‎The Gulf of Finland; impact assessment of the Beloyarsk NPP on hydrothermal regime of The ‎Beloyarski reservoir. The unifying element of all the articles is the solution approach: three-‎dimensional hydrodynamic modeling, which includes the marine ecosystem model in a number of ‎studies. ‎