Volume 4, issue 1

This issue’s articles are devoted to the research results in the field of speed boats hydrodynamics, ‎non-stationary motion of wings, fluctuating flow of an incompressible fluid, as well as trends in the ‎development of underwater vehicles and their subsystems, including work under the ice; methods ‎of substantial improvement of seaworthiness and reducing speed boats rolling through the use of ‎wave load converters; mathematical model of functioning of a flat rigid wing of different ‎elongation in a condition of high amplitude of linear and angular vibrations, as well as various ‎positions of rotational axis of wing; based on the use of hydrodynamic equations of incompressible ‎fluid study of probabilistic structure of field as a basis for solving problems related to estimation of ‎dimensionless parameters of flow generated by a moving external source; overview of practical ‎possibilities and trends in development of unmanned autonomous underwater vehicles used for ‎marine research in ice conditions; methods of digital formation of directional characteristics of ‎hydroacoustic antennas of underwater robot hydro locator in temporal area.

Volume 4, issue 2

This issue’s articles are devoted to the results of hydrostatic simulation of surface and internal tides ‎generation in the White Sea; existence of internal waves and closed areas of equal temperature and ‎velocity in the Black Sea; the software package for numerical simulation of propagation and ‎transformation of internal gravity waves in the ocean; the approximate reconstruction methods for ‎main hydrophysical fields based on thermohaline measurements in deep water; the results of flow ‎measurments on a depths below the thermocline and study of shores variability caused by combined ‎action of wind and bow waves in the Gulf of Finland; based-on-statistical-tests solution of the problem ‎of determining the effort while lifting load from great depths under conditions of irregular sea waves.‎


Volume 4, issue 3

This issue’s articles are devoted to the materials presented within The Naval Show 2011 roundtable, ‎dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Section of Applied Problems; discussions about ‎fundamental science research directions for development of Navy capabilities; milestones and ‎prospects for development of ship fluid mechanics; proposal to describe hydrodynamic processes ‎using the nonlocal fluid mechanics apparatus instead of the classical theory, which is impossible to ‎apply in a highly nonequilibrium conditions;analytical overview of prospects of the underwater ‎mobile robots use on purpose to solve naval tasks; concept and basic properties of integrated ‎network systems for underwater observation; analysis of existing methods of aperture synthesis in ‎hydroacoustics and method of wideband signal synthesis; the results of theoretical and ‎experimental studies of nonlinear phenomena in acoustics; the problem of active damping of low-‎frequency noise vibrations; directions for research and practical work which purposes are to ‎incorporate cetaceans in biotechnical systems for official use and to create technical analog of ‎dolphin sonar system.‎


Volume 4, issue 4

This issue’s articles are devoted to generalization of studies of abnormal waves on surface of water ‎and in deep ocean; features and selection criteria of anomalous ocean waves and assessment of ‎probabilistic characteristics of their observations obtained from the results of in-situ measurements ‎carried out in different regions of the ocean with the use of contact and remote facilities; analysis of ‎conditions for rogue waves onset depending on hydrometeorological factors; abnormal waves of ‎specific water area of the southern coast of Sakhalin Island, which frequency of observation is ‎described by a Poisson process; overview of physical mechanisms of the abnormally large internal ‎waves formation.‎