2019, volume 12, issue 3


Zimin A.V.
Hydrometeorology: progress and development prospects
Serykh I.V., Kostianoy A.G.
About the climatic changes in the temperature of the Baltic SeaMore details>>
Ivanov V.V., Golovin P.N.
Interannual variability of thermohaline parameters in the deep Arctic Ocean (Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)More details>>
Volkova A.A., Gritsenko V.A.
Features of the circulation arising while sinking from the surface of a finite volume of water with negative buoyancyMore details>>
Atadzhanova O.A., Zimin A.V.
Analysis of the characteristics of the submesoscale eddy manifestations in the Barents, the Kara and the White Seas using satellite data (Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)More details>>
Zinchenko V.A., Gordeeva S.M., Sobko Yu.V., Belonenko T.V.
Analysis of Mesoscale eddies in the Lofoten Basin based on satellite altimetry (Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)More details>>
Chantsev V.Yu., Danshina A.V.
A calculation of the intra-annual dynamics of the Ob Bay hydrophysical regime with high spatial resolutionMore details>>
Tretyakov V.Yu., Frolov S.V., Sarafanov M.I.
Climatic changes of ice navigation conditions along Ob Bay – the Bering Strait routeMore details>>
From the history of science
Grishin M.G.
Hydrophysics and hydrography: relationship and evolution (essay of the development of the Black Sea hydrographic research in 1895—1940)More details>>