Issue №1(7)


Gizitdinova M.R., Kuzmitsky M.A. Mobile Underwater Robots in Modern Oceanography and Hydrophysics. More details>>

Sheinman E.L. Criteria and Algorithms of the Efficiency Estimation of the Information Integration in Multichannel Information Processing System. More details>>

Trusova O.I. Program-methodical Data Analysis Complex in Tested Stationary Sonar Systems. More details>>

Semenov N.N. Detection of complex artificial object lying on the ground. More details>>

Sholokhov A.S. Multichannel digital device for imitation of angular position of objects in complexes of half-scale modelling of hydroacoustic signals. More details>>

Dernovsky V.L. Simulation of vibration influence on image forming in schlieren visualizer of marine density inhomogeneities subject to finite size of light source. More details>>

Vasiliev A.D., Tereshkin A.A. Experimental research of the gravitational wave channel flow. More details>>