2021, volume 14, issue 2


Bulgakov K.Yu., Fokina K.V.
Modeling the surface layer above sea with parameterization of stratification and the elements of the wind waves influence
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Bogdanov S.R., Zdorovennov R.E., Palshin N.I., Zdorovennova G.E., Terzhevik A.Yu., Gavrilenko G.G., Volkov S.Yu., Efremova T.V., Kuldin N.A., Kirillin G.B.
Deriving of turbulent stresses in a convectively mixed layer in a shallow lake under ice by coupling two ADCPs (Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)
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Vdovin M.I., Isachenko I.A., Kandaurov A.A., Sergeev D.A., Chubarenko I.P.
Study of the characteristics of the turbulent boundary layer by the PIV-method under laboratory modelling of the flow above the seabed (Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)
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Pereslegin S.V., Levchenko D.G., Karpov I.O.
The vibration wave on the water surface: parametric excitation and radar observation
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Kuz’kin V.M., Lyakhov G.A., Pereselkov S.A., Kaznacheeva E.S.
The information transmission through random-inhomogeneous ocean environment
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Britenkov A.K., Mashukova O.V., Bogolyubov B.N., Sibirtsova E.N., Skuratovskaya E.N.,
Melnik A.V.,Silakov M.I.

Methodology for studying the effect of low-frequency high-intensity acoustic fields on marine luminous planktonic organisms
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Naumenko M.A.
Features of climatic relationships between surface water-air temperature during vernal heating period in Lake Ladoga
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Rakhuba A.V., Shmakova M.V., Kondratyev S.A.
Mathematical modeling of mass transfer in a flowing reservoir
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Nersesov B.A., Rimsky-Кorsakov N.A.
The problem of detection of flooded chemical ammunition in the Baltic Sea
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