2021, volume 14, issue 3


Kovalenko V.V., Rodionov A.A., Vankevich R.E.
Methodical base of operational oceanography systems creation in underwater surveillance tasks application
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Rodionov A.A., Androsov A.A., Fofonova V.V., Kuznetsov I.S., Voltzinger N.E.
Modeling the tidal dynamics of the northern straits of the Kuril Ridge
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Ermolaev V.I., Mikhalchuk A.V.
Optimization of sonar application under spatiotemporal variability environment
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Chirov D.V.
Statistical method for evaluating the efficiency of matched-field processing
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Konson A.D., Volkova A.A.
Influence of superslow signal fluctuations on the noise stability of passive listening
(Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)
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Burenin A.V., Voytenko E.A., Lebedev M.S., Morgunov Yu.N., Tagiltsev A.A.
The research of features of formation of impulse responses in underwater sound channels at long range propagation of broadband signals
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Kasatkin B.A., Kasatkin S.B.
Scalar-vector structure and kinematic characteristics of the sound field in the infrasonic frequency range
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Glukhov V.A., Goldin Yu.A., Rodionov M.A.
Method of internal waves registration by lidar sounding in case of waters with two-layer sratification of hydrooptical characteristics
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Molkov A.A.
Manifestation of surfactant film in Snell’s window image: numerical experiment
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Lipinskaia N.A., Salyuk P.A.
Analysis of hydro-biological and hydro-optical characteristics in submesoscale eddies in the Gulf of Peter the Great with the use of simultaneous in-situ and remote measurements
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Väli G., Zhurbas V.M.
Seasonality of submesoscale coherent vortices in the Northern Baltic Proper: a model study
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