2012, volume 5, issue 1

This issue’s articles are devoted to theoretical and experimental studies of extreme waves on the ‎surface of a liquid, methods of their modeling, analysis of waveform and wave energy evolution; ‎the evolution differential inclusion as a generalization of dynamic equations; the simulation results ‎of numerical experiments; analysis of the simplest weakly nonlinear models of three-dimensional ‎sea swell; the problem of rogue waves formation on the surface of deep water; analysis of rogue ‎waves formation through an interaction of simultaneously moving swell waves; process of rogue ‎waves formation in the condition of transformation of initially narrow wave spectrum.

2012, volume 5, issue 2

This special historical issue consists of reports and statements of the Commemorative Meeting of ‎scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, industrial organizations and the Navy veterans. Meeting ‎was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Protection Service for ships of the Navy physical fields. ‎The articles covering history of creation, modern state and prospects of development of tools and ‎methods to protect ships; features of ensuring secrecy and protection of surface ships and submarines; ‎contribution of industrial organizations and the Navy to solving above mentioned problems; problem ‎of informational support of computer control systems by physical fields of submarines; problem of ‎development of monitoring and forecasting system of the marine environment hydrophysical fields in ‎the interests of secrecy and protection of the Navy ships.‎


2012, volume 5, issue 3

This issue’s articles are devoted to the results of current research in the field of geophysical ‎hydrodynamics, motion mechanics, underwater acoustics, marine optics; the assessment of ‎sensitivity of the Pechora Sea` tidal dynamics towards various external parameters; numerical study ‎of the ice keel motion in two-layer fluid comparing with the laboratory experiments results; ‎methods for operational rogue waves forecasting; selection and assessment of characteristics of the ‎White Sea internal waves obtained from application of wavelet analysis; the problem of high-speed ‎penetration of a needle-shaped object in water and its interaction with metal barrier; optimization ‎methods of parameters of the extended hydroacoustical shipboard antennas under conditions of ‎uneven distribution of noise, filtering of echo tone and reverberation disturbance; details of the ‎expedition which goal was to study spatiotemporal variability of the White Sea hydrophysical ‎fields.


2012, volume 5, issue 4

This issue’s articles are devoted to the theoretical and experimental research in ocean optics; new ‎results in the field of remote sensing and underwater imaging; optical characteristics of water; light ‎field and concentration of phytoplankton in sea and lake water; analysis of possibility of creating a ‎radically new system of underwater imaging based on complex-modulated beam illumination; ‎solution of the problem of spatio-temporal distortion of pulsed light beam propagating in water; ‎new algorithm of atmospheric correction of data provided by MODIS satellite scanner; the ‎underwater gliders – promising new technology of underwater exploration; the results of regional ‎studies regarding correlation of optical inhomogeneities of atmosphere over the Black Sea; ‎correlation between optical and hydrological parameters of the Barents and Kara Seas; models of ‎optical characteristics of phytoplankton and dissolved organic matter in the Baltic Sea.‎