2022, volume 15, issue 1

Without taking into account the real characteristic of the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean, it is impossible to successfully develop both the modeling of atmospheric circulation and the dynamics of the marine environment, and the methods of long-range and extra-range forecasting of weather and climate created on this basis. Therefore, the study of the interaction between the hydrosphere and the atmosphere is becoming increasingly necessary for understanding the nature of the processes occurring on our planet and for the further development of the sciences of hydrology, meteorology and oceanology. The special issue of the journal “Fundamental and Applied Hydrophysics” is devoted to various aspects of the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean – from wave processes on the surface to large – scale phenomena.

The special issue is dedicated to the memory of the outstanding scientist, the first head of the St. Petersburg Branch of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Science Sergei Sergeevich Zilitinkevich (1935—2021) and opens with an article about his scientific achievements and life path. A series of articles presents various aspects of the study of wave processes at the boundary between the atmosphere and the ocean – from modeling to experimental studies and remote sensing. A number of articles are devoted to large-scale processes of interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean. The materials of publications may be of interest to specialists, students and graduate students of hydrometeorological specialties.