2022, volume 15, issue 4


Scientific articles
Novotryasov V.V., Dubina V.A., Mitnik L.M.
Reconstructing the parameters of internal tidal bores in the Banda Sea from satellite remote sensing data
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Konik A.A., Zimin A.V., Atadzhanova O.A.
Spatial and temporal variability of the characteristics of the river plume frontal zone in the Kara Sea in the first two decades of the XXI century
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Kovalyova I.V., Finenko Z.Z., Suslin V.V.
Trends in changes in primary phytoplankton production according to remote sensing data in the deep-sea region of the Black Sea for 1998–2015
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Aglova E.A., Glukhovets D.I.
Examples of the water dynamics influence on the spatial distribution of chlorophyll a fluorescence intensity in the surface layer of the Barents and Norwegian Seas
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Vostryakova D.V., Kapustin I.A., Lazareva T.N., Danilicheva O.A., Ermakov S.A.
Laboratory study of surfactant film compression and boundary transformation under the action of surface waves
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Konson A.D., Volkova A.A.
Noise signal modulation at the ship rolling and pitching due to fluctuating interference of beams
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Stepanenko V.M., Lomov V.A., Grechushnikova M.G./em>
Numerical simulation of temporal variability of methane emissions from Mozhaysk Reservoir
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Anshakov A.S.
Modeling of hydrodynamic and lithodynamic coastal processes in the harbour area
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Rodionov A.A., Rumyantzev V.A., Fyodorov M.P., Zinoviev A.T., Krivoshei V.A., Medvedeva O.Ye.,Troitskaya Yu.I., Dyomin S.P., Malova T.I., Chusov A.N., Shishkina O.D., Moiseev A.V., Kamenskiy S.B., Krayev I.M., Marusin K.V.
Solution options for problems of navigation on a limited section of the Volga River from Gorodetsky hydroelectric complex to Nizhny Novgorod, including taking into account the assessment of the impact on the sanitary-epidemiological and environmental situation in the region
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Malova T.I., Rodionov A.A.
The catastrophic flood of the Neva, September 10 (21), 1777. So, in what feet it was measured…
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Mashoshin A.I.
Review of the monograph by G.S. Malyshkin and V.S. Melkanovich “Classical and fast projection adaptive algorithms in hydroacoustics”
XXVIII International Symposium “Atmospheric and Ocean Optics. Atmospheric Physics” in Tomsk