2011, volume 4, issue 1


Klyachkin V.I. The Estimation of Unknown Statistical Parameters of Hydrodynamic Flow of an Incompressible Liquid, Created by Moving Outside Source. More details>>

Belov B.P., Simenov N.N., Mironov I.V. Digital Underwater Robot Sonar Antenna Beamforming in Time Domain. More details>>

Bozhenov J.A. Use of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for the Arctic and Antarctic Regions Exploration. More details>>

Romanenko E.V., Pushkov S.G. On the Method of the Wing Hydrodynamic Characteristics   Calculation at Non-Stationary Movement. More details>>

Razumeenko Y.V., Yussef M.Y. Theoretical and experimental approach to seaworthiness increase of high-speed boats on the basis of wave loadings neutralization. More details>>