2011, volume 4, issue 2


Kagan B.A., Timofeev A.A. Modelling of the K1 Surface and Internal Tides in the White Sea. More details>>

Vladimirova E.M., Ivanov V.G., Ivanov D.V., Litvin A.D., Skopin N.A. The Investigation of Mesoscale Flows within the Black Sea Upper Layer. More details>>

Tyugin D., Kurkina O., Kurkin A. Software Package for Modeling of Internal Gravity Waves in the World Ocean. More details>>

Semenov E.V., Mortikov E.V. Methods for Processing of Deep-Water Thermohaline Measurements. More details>>

Zimin A.V., Soloshchuk P.V., Isaev A.V. Features of Currents in the Eastern Part of the Gulf of Finland Based on the Results of Instrumental Measurements in July 2010. More details>>

Didenkulova I., Viška M., Kurennoy D. Change of the Coast Profile under the Joint Effect of Ship and Wind Waves. More details>>

Sukhorukov A.L. Application of Method of Statistic Testing in the Task of Load Lifting from Deep Depth in Conditions of Random Sea State. More details>>