2011, volume 4, issue 3


Korchak V.Yu. To the 60-th Anniversary of Section of Applied Problems at Presidium of RAS. More details>>

Guriev U.V., Tkachenko I.V., Ykushenko E.I. Computer Technologies in Marine Hydrodynamics: State-of-the-Art and Perspectives. More details>>

Rodionov A.A., Khantuleva T.A. Nonlocal Hydrodynamics and Its Applications. More details>>

Kuzmitsky M., Gizitdinova M. Mobile Underwater Robots for the Navy Tasks: Modern Technologies and   Prospects. More details>>

Kovalenko V.V., Korchak V.J., Chulkov V.L. Concepts and Key Technologies of Underwater
Surveillance Systems in Networked Centric Warfare. More details>>

Dashevsky O.Yu., Nejevenko E.S., Chulkov V.L. Sonar Array Aperture Synthesis as a Foundation for Mobile Surveillance Sonar Systems. More details>>

Tarasov S.P., Voronin V.A. Prospects of Application of Nonlinear Acoustics Methods in Hydroacoustic Search Technologies. More details>>

Belogubtsev E.S., Kirukhin A.V., Kuznetsov G.N., Mikhailov S.G., Pudovkin A.A., Smagin D.A.,
Fedorov V.A.
Testing of Low Frequency Water and Air Sound Active Cancellation Techniques: Problems and Preliminary Results. More details>>

Ivanov M.P., StepanovB.G. Study of the Dolphin Acoustic Biosonar and Feasibility of Constructing Its Technical Analogue. More details>>

Starodubtsev Yu.D., Nadolishnyaya A.P. History, State-of-the-Art and Perspectives of the Cetaceans Use as a Part of Biotechnical Dual-Purpose Systems. More details>>

Perspective Tendency of Development of Science and Technics
Arsentiev V.G., Krivolapov G.I. Some Results of Undersea Networks Technologies Realization in SibSUTIS. More details>>