2011, volume 4, issue 4


The Analysis of the Observable Data
Boukhanovsky A.V., Lopatoukhin L.I. Extreme and Freak Wind Waves: Measurements, Calculation, Forecast. More details>>

Grigorieva V., Gulev S. Estimation and Classification of  the Extreme Wind Waves on the Basis of Visual Data. More details>>

Dotsenko S.F., Ivanov V.A., Poberezhny Yu.A. Freak Waves in North-Western Part of the Black Sea: Analysis of Records, their Relation with Meteorological Conditions in Winter 2000–2001. More details>>

Zaitsev A., Malashenko А., Pelinovsky E. Abnormal Big Waves Near the Southern Coast of Sakhalin Island. More details>>

Soomere T., Kurkina O. Statistics of Extreme Wave Conditions in the South-Western Baltic Sea. More details>>

Numerical Modeling of the Big Waves
Talipova T.G. Mechanisms of the Internal Rogue Wave Formation. More details>>

Scientific Messages
Bulgakov K.Yu., Molchanov M.S. Testing of the Turbulent Mixing Scheme Based on Similarity Theory in the Baltic Sea Model. More details>>

Rodionov M.A. Simulation of Lidar Images of Internal Waves Based on the Data of  Measured Hydrooptical and Hydrophysical Parameters in the Northern Seas. More details>>