2013, volume 6, issue 1


Kagan B.A., Timofeev A.A. Modeling of the M2 Surface Tide in the Region of the Franz-Josef Land and Svalbard Archipelagos. More details>>
Safray A.S., Tkachenko I.V. Threedimensional Non-Hydrostatical Model of Water-Air Interaction. Numerical Simulation. More details>>
Belonenko T.V., Koldunov V.V., Foux V.R. Kinematics of the Standing-Progressive Waves of Rossby in the Sea and Ocean. More details>>
Glok N.I., Malinin V.N. Changes of Ocean Heat Content 1955–2009. More details>>
Eremina T.R., Gustoev D.V., Tsepelev V.Yu. Study of Longterm Variability of Hydrometeorological Characteristics in the Eastern Part of the Gulf of Finland in 1958-2009. More details>>
Kovalev D.P. Extreme Negative Surge at the South-Eastern Coast of Sakhalin Island. More details>>
Fedotov G.A. New Modification of the Hydrostatic Method of the Sea-Water Density Determination. More details>>
Malishkin G.S., Shafranyuk Y.V. Plane Wave Wideband Signals Adaptive Reception. More details>>
Malishkin G.S. The Influence of Scattering Hydroacoustic Signals on the Efficiency of Adaptation Algorithms When Permission Weak Signals in the Presence of Strong Interfering Sound Source. More details>>