Freak Waves in North-Western Part of the ‎Black Sea: Analysis of Records, their Relation with Meteorological Conditions ‎in Winter 2000–2001 ‎

Dotsenko S.F., Ivanov V.A., Poberezhny Yu.A.

Analysis of the wind wave measurements in the north-western Black Sea from December 2000 to January ‎‎2001 allowed to select 67 cases of freak waves in a form of single waves and as a member of wave packets ‎of non-freak waves. The waves have an appreciable asymmetry: their front slopes are generally steeper than ‎the back slopes, and the previous and the following freak wave wave troughs vary in depth and width. ‎Involvement of meteorological data has allowed to analyze the feasible relations between the formation of ‎abnormal waves and wind flow. Two characteristic types of situations are found. In the first, the birth of freak ‎waves is accompanied by substantial changes in the wind speed direction, in the second situation its ‎formation is preceded by the wind of almost constant direction.‎

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