Abnormal Big Waves Near the Southern Coast of ‎Sakhalin Island ‎

Zaitsev A., Malashenko А., Pelinovsky E.

Results of the analysis of long time series of sea level for June – September, 2009 near the Aniva cape ‎‎(Sakhalin), recorded by pressure bottom station placed on depth of 12 m are given. There are 394 abnormal ‎big waves, waves satisfying to freak wave amplitude criterion (the wave height exceeds the significant height ‎more then twice) recorded. The amplification during six events exceeds 2.5 times. The cumulative frequency ‎of the abnormal wave appearance is described by the Poisson distribution as follows from the theory of ‎extreme statistics. Freak waves occurred on the average twice a day which is in good comparison with the ‎Raleigh prediction for narrow-band Gaussian wave field.‎

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