Statistics of Extreme Wave Conditions in the South-Western Baltic ‎Sea ‎

Soomere T., Kurkina O.

The properties of extreme wave storms in the Darss Sill area, SW Baltic Sea, are analysed based on waverider ‎data for 1991–2010 and long-term numerical simulations. The long-term significant wave height is HS ~0.7 m ‎and the most frequent wave periods 2–4 s. The largest measured HS is 4.46 m. The typical measured and ‎modelled wave periods differ by up to 2 s. The annual maximum HS has notched behaviour, with an increase ‎for 1958–1990 and since 1993, and a drastic decrease in 1991–1992. The measured annual average and ‎maximum HS have changed insignificantly in 1991–2010 but the threshold for the top 1% of waves has ‎considerably decreased.‎

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