Modelling the Light Absorption Coefficients of Phytoplankton in Pomeranian Lakes (Northern Poland)

Ficek D., Meler J., Zapadka T., Stoń-Egiert J.

In 2004-08 the absorption properties of phytoplankton was measured in 15 northern Polish lakes of different trophicity. At the same time the concentrations of optically active substances in these lakes were also measured.
These data were used to test the model of the absorption properties of phytoplankton, derived by Bricaud et al. for case 1 oceanic waters (hereafter referred to as Bricaud’s parameterisation), to predict the spectra of light absorption by phytoplankton aph for lakes in Pomerania. This study shows the limitations of this model to lacustrine phytoplankton; and the reasons for them are discussed. In addition, an analogous model of light absorption by phytoplankton in the investigated lakes was derived on the same mathematical basis as Bricaud’s model, but with different values of the relevant empirical parameters. For the sake of simplicity, the analysis covered the coefficients of light absorption only by surface water phytoplankton. The results were compared with those obtained for case 2 waters by other authors using similar models.

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