Some Aspects of Long Stay Under the Elevated Pressure at Limit Depths and Its After-Effects from the Position of the Pathophysiology of Critical Conditions

Chumakov A. V., Svistov A. S., Onikiyenko S. B., Zemlyanoi A. V., Listopadov Yu. I., Popov V. I.

Long stay under high pressure at maximum depths (300—500 m) leads to a critical overload of functional systems of a human body. It is accepted to speak about reactions of adaptation, superadaptation and even about the tense compensation. In the period of remote after-effect of these conditions the specific functional and structural changes not typical for natural age dynamics are observed in aquanauts. Preparations on the basis of heat shock proteins 70 are perspective means of activation of superadaptation reactions and treatment of a decompressive illness at aquanauts.

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