The Development of Innovative Strategy of Cross Protection of the Military Personnel of Ship Structure and Coastal Parts of the Navy from Radiation, Toxic Influences and Biopathogens

Onikiyenko S. B., Zemlyanoi A. V., Listopadov Yu. I., Popov V. I., Svistov A. S., Chumakov A. V., Margulies B. A., Baranov G. A., Borodavko V. K., Smurov A. V.

New means of protection from radiation, toxic influences and biopathogens on the basis of heat shock proteins 70 (Hsp70) and nontoxical derivatives of bacterial lipopolysaccharides (LPS) are developed. Strategy of a stress-xenobiotherapy is offered. The protective effect of a stress activation products of yeast cultures is shown. Laser adjuvants of vaccines on the basis of mobilization of endogenous Hps70 are received at laser processing of skin in a zone of vaccine introduction. Hps70, their conjugates with polyethyleneglycol (Hsp70-PEG) and hybrid protein on the basis of Hps70 and Fc-fragment of IgG (Hps70-Fs) are actoprotectors. These are perspective means of protection of the military personnel of ship structure and coastal parts of the Navy from extreme pathogenic influences.

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