Modeling of the M2 Surface Tide in the Region of the Franz-Josef Land and Svalbard Archipelagos

Kagan B.A., Timofeev A.A.

The existing models reproduce a contradictory pattern of tides in the region of the Franz-Josef Land (FJL) and Svalbard archipelagos. To refine it, we used the 3D finite-element hydrostatic model QUODDY-4. The region of interest was considered not as an isolated area, but as an element of the tidal dynamics of the entire Barents Sea. It is shown that in this region there are no other amphidromes, except for the degenerated amphidrome with its center at the Spitsbergen Island. There are two more peculiarities of this region such as the anticyclon-ic gyre of the horizontal wave flux of the barotropic tidal energy, as well as an increase (approximately, by one order of magnitude) of values of this gyre in the vicinity of Svalbard compared to the given values in the vicin-ity of FJL.

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