Verification of the computer simulation method based on the analysis of submarine test vertical maneuvering

Kaverinskiy A.Yu., Karlinskiy S.L.

Computer simulation is an important method for the analysis of the control quality and safety of ship ‎and submarine motion. Recently, the computational simulation appears as a basis of methodology ‎used in submarine design, also, in a motion control algorithm development (stabilization as well, as ‎manoeuvering). At the same time, it is evident that a proof of the computer model adequacy may be ‎obtained by comparison of the results of implementation of the pre-set experimental maneuver of the ‎submarine with the results of the computer simulation for the same maneuver. The methodology of ‎comparison of the results (identification of the mathematical description of the characteristics of the ‎hull and control devices) and criteria of adequacy are the subject of the paper presented. The ‎proposed method application is demonstrated by the test data obtained in the submarine vertical ma-‎noeuvers.

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