Numerical simulation of propeller wake interactions with the bottom soil

Lobachev M.P., Poustoshny А.V., Sazonov К.Е., Tchicherin I.А.

Authors consider the problem of soil scouring due to the effect of the ship propeller wake. Numerical ‎simulation of the viscous flow is based on Reynolds equations closed with the help of the ‎ ‎ ‎turbulence model. The effects of the propeller are introduced by additional source terms incorporated ‎in Reynolds equations. The potential erosion areas are found by comparing the computed shear ‎stresses on the soil against the ultimate shear stresses that initiate the erosion process. The paper ‎discusses several scenarios associated with ship operation in shallow waters. The numerical technique ‎was used to establish dimensions and configurations of possible soil erosion patches and those ‎conditions (depth, propeller loading, etc.), that are safe in terms of not causing bottom scouring.

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