Modelling of the Evolution of the Internal Boron in the Pechora Sea

T. G. Talipova, O. E. Kurkina, A. A. Naumov, A. A. Kurkin

The numerical modeling of dynamics of the internal bore is done for the area in the Pechora Sea where the internal bore had been observed. The bore record obtained in 1998 is used as initial condition for numerical model based on the Gardner equation and analysis of bore evolution is done. The influences of hydrology variations and wave dissipation in the bottom boundary layer as well as the horizontal diffusion on the forecasted wave shape have been studied. It is shown that although internal wave characteristics are responsive to these factors nevertheless the abrupt overfall of isotherms in the thermocline (internal bore) is saved in one-two kilometers from the point of observation, and after that it is transformed into solibore (shock wave with ondulations). The process of internal bore generation from the train of nonlinear internal waves is studied as the result of the dispersive focusing.

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