Modeling of the Stationary Circulation and Semidiurnal Surface and Internal Tides in the Strait of Kara Gates

B. A. Kagan, A. A. Timofeev

A series of numerical experiments is carried out for simulation of the stationary circulation and semidiurnal surface and internal tides in the region of the Kara Gates Strait. They are caused by either stationary contrasts of the free surface level at the open boundary of the domain under study, or by tidal elevations at the above boundary, or by means of both concurrently. It is shown that the predicted amplitudes of internal tidal waves on the bottom uplift in the strait amount to about 10—16 m under mean (over a syzygy-quadrature cycle) conditions. It is remarkable that the maximum internal tidal waves’ amplitudes are detected where internal tidal waves propagate against the stationary flow. Modeling results also show the slight western Litke current, a tendency to the appearance of the degenerate amphidrome with its center at the Vaigach Island and changes in tidal phases from 0 to 30° and from 330 to 0° in the adjacent parts of the Batrents and Kara Seas, respectively.

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