Remote Acoustic Phase Method for Determining Vertical Sound Speed Propagation in the Sea

Mikushin I. I., Seravin G. N.

The problem of determination of hydro-physical marine environment characteristics by fixed values of known emitted and received reflected acoustic signals from the natural scatters without direct characteristics modification by the ship dipping probes is actual. Impact assessment of the vertical sound speed distribution from the surface to the bottom in the sea waveguide is made immediately before the use of various ship sonar equipment. The ability to use information about the hydro-physical waveguide propagation characteristics of acoustic signals when underwater target detecting can significantly improve the efficiency of the ship sonar equipment. We consider an algorithm for solving inverse problems of restoring the vertical sound speed distribution from ship probing acoustic sound diffusers in natural water environment in the volume limited by directional characteristics of ship antennas, sea surface and the bottom. The sound speed at different horizons is determined by propagation time difference of (between) the emitted acoustic signals and is found by phase difference of the received signals with different frequencies. Sea trials of designed experimental equipment led to the conclusion about the possibility of the construction of the vertical sound speed distribution from the ship at its speed up to 5 knots.

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