Experimental Estimation of the Capabilities of the Lidar PLD-1 for the Registration of Various Hydro-Optical Irregularities of the Sea Water Column

Glukhov V. A., Goldin Yu. A., Rodionov M. A.

A new marine polarization lidar PLD-1 was developed. It was designed for determine the spatial structure of the fields of hydrooptical characteristics, as well as recording and determining the position of objects in the seawater column. A solid-state pulsed YAG: Nd laser with diode pumping is used as a source of sounding radiation. The design features and the main technical characteristics of the lidar are given in the paper. Some results of the first full-scale experiments performed in the coastal waters of the Black Sea are presented. During these experiments, echo-signals from the flat and spherical targets were confidently recorded with the length of the underwater portion of the sounding path more than two times longer than the depth of visibility of the Secchi disk Zb. The advantage of the polarization method for locating immersed objects with registration of the cross-polarized component of the echo-signal is demonstrated.

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