Hydrodynamic and Geomorphological Conditions in the Construction Area of the «Port «Vera» (Ussuri Bay)

Shevchenko G. V., Gorbunov A. O., Korolev P. Yu.

The comprehensive oceanographic and geomorphological studies were conducted in September and November 2014 in the area of Cape Otkrytyi (the east coast of Ussuri Bay, the Sea of Japan), in which the construction of the coal-sea terminal «Port Vera» is planned. The aim was to study the dynamic processes in the coastal zone (currents, waves, infra-gravity waves) and their influence on the coast state and transport of marine sediment. To address these objectives two wind-wave recorders were installed at different depths as well as a measuring instrument of sea level and currents; a coast route survey and surveying works on the four cross-shore tacks were performed, the bottom sediments were sampled (twice). To study the effect of weather conditions, a digital weather station was installed. It is shown that during the observation period there was an increase of coastal south-directed flow, which could be the cause of transport of fine sediments from the northern part of Ussuri Bay. Their transit and accumulation were identified by the results of sampling and surveying filming at depths greater than 15 m, the situation of erosion was observed in the coastal part. Inspite of the intense wind waves and the abrasion exposure of cape areas of the coast composed of hard rocks, the flow of unconsolidated sediments to the coastal slope in the area of the port construction is unlikely. Surf beats (infra-gravity waves) play a significant role in the coastal dynamics. Key words: wind waves, infra-gravity waves, current, sea level, accumulation, sediments, bathymetry.

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