Investigation of the Soil Structure Changes under the Tsunami Waves Impact on the Marine Hydrotechnical Structures

Belyaev N. D., Lebedev V. V., Alexeeva A. V., Nudner I. S., Semenov K. K., Schemelinin D. I.

This work is dedicated to the studies of the soil structure changes near the marine hydrotechnical structures caused by the tsunami waves impact. The results of the experimental investigations are presented for two types of structures: for a marine ice-resistant stationary gravitational-type platform and for a bank reinforcement of the sloping type with a protective riprap layer. As the results of the experimental studies of the tsunami waves impact on the gravity-type offshore platform, the formed bed profiles were measured and their analysis was performed. The quantitative information was obtained on the degree of the soil loosening near the base of the platform. The obtained data testify to the possible independence of the soil loosening degree from the Euler number that characterizes the intensity of the wave impact on the soil. Experimental studies of the tsunami waves impact on the bank reinforcement structure of the sloping type shown that the filtration flows occurring inside the inclined facet of the structure as a result of the tsunami wave action lead to a change in the structure of the rock riprap. This increases the porosity of the soil that composes the structure. A qualitative similarity between the tsunami waves impact on the soil and on the embankment elements of the hydraulic engineering structure is noted.

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