Investigations of the Long Marine Waves Interaction with the Structures Protected by the Vertical Barriers

Nudner I. S., Semenov K. K., Khakimzyanov G. S., Shokina N. Yu.

To reduce the wave loads on floating marine structures (like platforms, and pontoons), at present, protective barriers are used that are partially or completely impermeable. This work is dedicated to the study of the interaction between long sea waves with constructures formed by a protected structure and a protective barrier that are located above a shallow slope. The paper presents the results of experimental and numerical investigations of runup values and force impacts on a semi-submerged body over a wide range of incident wave heights for different barriers types, for different ratios between body draft and local depths, for the different distances between the barrier and the body and for other characterisitcs. Experimental studies were performed in a hydrowave laboratory in a flume with an installed vacuum wavemaker that creates tsunami-type waves. For numerical studies, we used the nonlinear model of incompressible fluid flows and a step-by-step computational algorithm using the moving grids that adapt to a mobile free boundary and condense near the structures under study. Wave generation was performed by a numerical wavemaker that simulates a real vacuum wavemaker of an experimental setup. The paper presents the values of design parameters, that allow the protective barrier to reduce the wave runup values and force impacts on the floating body.

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