Interaction of ‎Solitary Wave with a Floating Elastic Plate

Komarov V.A., Korobkin A.A., Sturova I.V., Fedotova Z.I., Chubarov L.B.

This study of unsteady interaction between nonlinear surface waves and a floating elastic plate is ‎motivated by perspective designs of very large artificial floating platforms. We present several numerical ‎approaches for analysis of hydroelastic behavior of large-scale floating structures in solitary waves. Three ‎nonlinear shallow water models are tested: classical nonlinear model without dispersion, weakly nonlinear ‎and weakly dispersive model by Peregrine, strongly nonlinear and weakly dispersive model by Green and ‎Nagdi. Both accuracy and efficiency of these models and proposed numerical method are verified ‎through comparisons with available experimental results. The linear and nonlinear responses of floating ‎elastic plate in waves are compared. It is shown that the interaction of a floating elastic plate with ‎unsteady solitary wave of relatively small amplitude is well predicted by the weakly nonlinear shallow ‎water model.‎

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