Numerical Determination of Hydrodinamic Forces Acting on Submersible Object in Internal Waves

Slutskaya M.Z.

The paper presents a mathematical model, a numerical method and calculation results of hydrodynamic ‎forces and moments, acting on the hull of submersible object (SO), moving in internal wave field. The ‎mathematical model and the software permit to take into account three-dimensional geometry of ‎unsteady flow, its time and space heterogeneity created by internal wave, liquid viscosity and actual ‎geometry of the hull. The force calculation results are given for SO hull at performing manoeuvres close ‎to pycnocline at variation of single-mode internal wave parameters. Analysis of the results has confirmed ‎the adequacy of the offered mathematical model and has allowed to give quantitative and qualitative ‎assessment of internal wave effect on SO hydrodynamics. The received results can be used for SO design ‎and while creating trainers, simulating SO dynamic in natural environment.‎

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