Mobile Underwater Robots in Modern Oceanography ‎and Hydrophysics ‎

Gizitdinova M.R., Kuzmitsky M.A.

In article the current state and prospects of development of system of the problems solved within the ‎limits of hydrophysical researches of the World ocean, and system of means with which help these ‎problems can be solved is analyzed. Modern position with oceanographic researches in the Russian ‎Federation, the place and the role of mobile underwater robots (or UUVs) in their further development is ‎considered. Dual character of missions which can effectively carry out UUVs in solving civil problems ‎‎(research and commercial) and military-oriented problems is underlined. Advantages of use of ‎independent networks of oceanographic measurements on the basis of UUVs are estimated. The ‎spectrum functionally focused UUVs for achicving the primary goals of underwater researches is resulted.

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