The Concept of Common Sea-Bottom Geoacoustic Database Creation and Geoacoustic Modeling ‎Techniques ‎

Nikiforov S.L., Popov V.А., Popov O.Е., Seleznev I.A.

The authors consider some problems of supporting Russia sea activity in the important water areas of the ‎World ocean, which cause creation of geoacoustic databases and the geoacoustic models of a sea-‎bottom required for all carriers of sonar means of underwater conditions imaging for operative ‎forecasting of surveillance conditions in the navigation area and supporting efficient operation of ‎adaptive hydroacoustic information processing algorithms. The concept of common water areas sea-‎bottom database creation and sea bottom geoacoustic modeling techniques are offered. Data about ‎structure of a perspective integrated sonar system of sea-bottom monitoring and problems solved with its ‎help are cited.

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