2014, volume 7, issue 3


Levin I. M. Few-Parameter Optical Models of Seawater Inherent Optical Properties. More details>>

Morozov E. G., Tarakanov R. Yu., Ansorge I., Swart S. Jets and Transport of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in the Drake Passage. More details>>

Rodionov A. A., Romanenkov D. A., Zimin A. V., Kozlov I. E., Chapron B. Submesoscale processes and dynamics in the White Sea. State of the art and future research. More details>>

Sukhorukov A. L. Stall Flutter as One of Causes of Mast Hoisting Gear Vibration. More details>>

Kryuchkov A. N., Shakhmatov E. V., Samsonov V. N., Druzhin A. N., Makaryants G. M. Design Technique and Future-Proof Scheme of the Ship Pipe Anti-Noise Tool. More details>>

Chirov D. V. Computer Visualization of the Sound Source in a Shallow Waveguide. More details>>