Issue 2


Kljachkin V. Characteristic functionals for   non-linear problem solving. More details>>

Romanenko E., Pushkov S. Hydrodynamics of dolphins, fish   and pinnipeds. More details>>

Guriev Yu., Sluckaya M., Tkachenko I. He hydrodynamics problems of the creating of   the sea object simulator and the ways of their overcoming More details>>

Nudner I., Maximov V. Tsunami action on the off-shore hydraulic structures. More details>>

Kupreyev V., Sukhorukov A., Chernetsov V. Mathematical simulation of motion of floating shutter during its setting on the threshold. More details>>

Ramazanov M. Synthesis of a robust tracking   system for a sea moving object. More details>>

Rakitina I., Tarasov D. Mathematical modelling of the   sound field in an unbounded inhomogeneous layered water environment using the perturbation   method. More details>>