2015, volume 8, issue 3


Kurkin A. A., Semin S. V., Stepanyants Y. A. Transformation of Surface and Internal Waves Over the Bottom Step. Review. More details>>
Grimshaw R. Effect of a Background Shear Current on Models for Nonlinear Long Internal Waves. More details>>
Bulatov V. V., Vladimirov Yu. V. Internal Gravity Waves Dynamics in Stratified Medium of Non-Uniform Depth. More details>>
Gavrilov N. V., Liapidevskii V. Yu., Liapidevskaya Z. A. Transformation of Large Amplitude Internal Waves Over a Shelf. More details>>
Maderich V. S., Terletska K. V., Brovchenko I. A. Head-on Collision of Internal Waves of Large Amplitudes. More details>>
Ruvinskaya E. A., Kurkina O. E., Kurkin A. A., Naumov A. A. Transport of Particles at the Propagation of Breathers of Internal Gravity Waves. More details>>
Talipova T. G., Kurkina O. E., Naumov A. A., Kurkin A. A. Modelling of the Evolution of the Internal Boron in the Pechora Sea. More details>>
Kagan B. A., Timofeev A. A. Modeling of the Stationary Circulation and Semidiurnal Surface and Internal Tides in the Strait of Kara Gates. More details>>
Morozov E. G. Internal Tides and Currents in the Gibraltar and Bab-el-Mandeb Straits. More details>>