2016, volume 9, issue 1


Chalikov D. V. Unfamiliar Properties оf Surface Waves. More details>>
Kagan B. A., Sofina E. V. Tidal Changes in a Regional Marine System Climate: Two Means of Their Allowing for, as Applied to the Barents Sea in Summer. More details>>
Voltzinger N. E., Androsov A. A. Nonhydrostatic Dynamics of Straits of the World Ocean. More details>>
Ryabchenko V. A., Gorchakov V. A., Dvornikov A. Yu., Pugalova S. S. Estimating the Effect of Ice on the Primary Production of Phytoplankton in the Barents Sea (Based on Three-Dimensional Modeling). More details>>
Safray A. S., Tkachenko I. V., Gordeeva S. M. About Evolution of a Single Internal Wave in a Channel. Numerical Experiments. More details>>
Romanenkov D. A., Zimin A. V., Rodionov A. A., Atazhanova O. A., Kozlov I. E. Variability of Fronts and Features of Mesoscale Water Dynamics in the White Sea. More details>>
Belevich M. Yu. Relationship Between the Continuity Equation and the Mass Density Diffusion Equation. More details>>
Dolin L. S., Levin I. M. Optimal Designing of Instruments for Determination of the Water Scattering Coefficient: the Theoretical Background. More details>>
Zilitinkevich S. S., Kulmala M., Baklanov A. A., Esau I. N., Tyuryakov S. A. Monitoring and Forecasting of Personal Environment. More details>>